The Team

Ken Zuckerman
Founder & President

With over three decades of experience in the construction industry, Ken has amassed a large diverse portfolio of residential, commercial and institutional projects. Ken's deep rooted passion for building and design, led him to study construction and architecture at The New York School of Design and Construction, NYU, and the Pratt School of Design. Understanding the fundamentals of how brilliant design comes together naturally ensures that each project Ken works on is completed with high quality and precision.

Miriam Dominguez
Project Coordinator

Miriam learned early on the importance of effective communication in every business transaction with a degree in Communication from Bernard Baruch College. Her background in Production honed her ability to multitask and coordinate a myriad of projects simultaneously. Today, she uses her experience and background to efficiently coordinate all of the moving parts of a job. With her years of construction experience, strong communication skills and go getter attitude she successfully navigates the world of New York City construction.


Ram Sukhoo
Field Operations

Ram Sukhoo is in charge of all field operations at One Ten. Having grown up around the construction business, he has a natural affinity managing job sights and producing quality results. Ram's knowledge in project management comes from twenty years of hands on experience that was born from deep rooted passion. Today, Ram is respected by a large network of skilled craftsmen and tradesmen with whom he has brought together to create a variety of projects.

Fatima Terin
Architectural Department

Fatima currently runs the architecture department of OneTen Group Construction. Her projects can be found in Denver Colorado, New York City, Nanjing China and Dhaka Bangladesh. With a multicultural background, Fatima applies her dynamic experience of architectural and urban design to her project design and development in New York's construction landscape. Achieving the highest level of architectural excellence continuously drives Fatima in her success.